With ‘PPG Spotlight,’ we highlight a unique product or special range every month. These are products we strongly believe in and that can make a significant difference for you as a professional pool builder. In the spotlight this month: the new chlorine products from HTH Chemicals.

HTH Chemicals

These new chlorine products offer optimal water treatment for any type of pool, spa, or hot tub. Speed and efficiency are key. The HTH chlorine products are approved by the Ministry of Health and have approval number 8586 B for use in public and private pools.

Why did we choose HTH Chemicals?

The chlorine products contain no cyanuric acid, eliminating the risk of overstabilization. In short, with HTH Chemicals, we make a conscious choice for quality and safety.

HTH Chlorine Tablets

With the HTH chlorine tablets, you efficiently disinfect the water in your pool, spa, or hot tub.

These chlorine tablets are designed to dissolve slowly when they come into contact with the pool water, resulting in a continuous and stable release of chlorine. The chlorine is unstabilized, meaning it works very quickly and effectively, but also depletes faster. That’s why we offer large packages. Discover more below!

HTH Chlorine Tablets
7 gr 2.5 kg

Because they are small tablets in a 2.5 kg package, this is an ideal choice for above-ground pools!

HTH Sticks Chlorine Tablets
300 gr 4.5 kg

Because they are large sticks in a 4.5 kg package, this is an ideal choice for in-ground pools!

HTH Granular

HTH Granular serves as a chlorine treatment against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and algae in your pool. Furthermore, it can also be used as a shock chlorine treatment for your pool water.

HTH Granular 2kg

Discover the advantages:

  • Fast-dissolving granulate
  • Permanently available chlorine content up to 65%
  • Completely free of cyanuric acid (UV stabilizer)
  • Can be used with any filtration system
  • Product stability is ensured when stored in a dry place at temperatures below 40°C

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