With ‘PPG Spotlight’ we highlight every month a unique product or a special range. These are products which we strongly believe in and which make a real difference for you as a professional swimming pool builder. In the spotlight this month: our heat pumps Comfortline InverterInverter+ and InverX!

PPG Heat Pumps

In 2015, Pollet Pool Group was the first to introduce full-inverter technology to the pool market. A halving of your consumption costs, a lot quieter than the traditional pool heat pump and faster heating of your pool water? That was revolutionary! In the meantime, heat pumps with full inverter technology have become indispensable. Consider them the most reliable heat pumps on the market!!

We list 3 of our inverter PPG heat pumps:: From an entry level model to 2 full-inverter heat pumps. Read more in the ‘PPG Spotlight brochure’ below and discover the extensive product info, videos and prices.

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