With ‘PPG Spotlight’ we highlight every month a unique product or a special range. These are products which we strongly believe in and which make a real difference for you as a professional swimming pool builder. In the spotlight this month: EVA OPTIC & EVA STREAM

EVA is probably familiar to you as an innovative player in the world of swimming pools and home wellness. With the indestructible underwater lights EVA Optic and the counter-current swimming machine EVA Stream, they aim to offer the end customer a fantastic swimming experience at home.

Eva Optic

Underwater lighting enhances the allure of any pool and adds atmosphere to your pool and the surrounding garden and terrace. With just the touch of a button, the LED underwater lights change to the desired colour. There are 3 types of lights:

RX: a perfect solution for any pool
A6: lighting for the luxury pool
R6: the renovation solution

Curious to find out more?

Eva Optic RX
For every pool

Eva Optic A6
For the luxury pool

Eva Optic R6
For renovation solution


This swimming machine transforms any pool into a professional training pool, home fitness and unique water attraction in no time. The EVAstream produces a high flow speed, power over volume. With this innovative approach, the current is more powerful and reaches much further into the pool. As a result, the effective swimming zone becomes much wider.

The EVA Stream is available in 3 models: EVAstream Fit, EVAstream Pro and EVAstream Max. Which one is most suitable depends on its intended use.

Fit: for recreational swimmers
Pro: for experienced swimmers
Max: for professional athletes

Curious to find out more?

EVAstream Fit 225M³ set
for recreational swimmers

EVAstream Pro 350M³ set
for experienced swimmers

EVAstream Max 450M³ set
for professional athletes