Border stones

PPG ceramic tiles

PPG presents a wide range of durable outdoor ceramic tiles, which retain their colour even in extreme weather conditions. Our tiles are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also virtually maintenance-free. Choose reliability and durability with PPG. 
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Experience the ultimate convenience when installing our ceramic tiles. The corners and edges are carefully ground, making the installation process smooth and easy. With this precise finish, you not only create tight joints, but also achieve a professional look. So you can enjoy a beautiful floor surface quickly and effortlessly.

Frost resistant

Our ceramic tiles defy temperature fluctuations with ease, with an impressive 100% frost resistance. Whether it rains, freezes or the sun shines brightly, the tiles retain their beautiful appearance. A durable choice for long-lasting aesthetics.


Enjoy effortless installation, even on tile supports. Our ceramic tiles are perfectly calibrated and light-textured, allowing you flexibility in installation method without sacrificing stability. This means smooth installation for a durable and stable result.


Outdoor ceramic tiles (OCS) are not only visually appealing, but also offer a minimum anti-slip rating of R11. This makes them excellent for outdoor use where safety is essential. The slip-resistant surface is not only functional but also durable in the long term, allowing you to enjoy a safe outdoor space with confidence.



Pepper Dark

Biscuit Grey

Biscuit Beige

Cemento Light

Bluestone Light Grey

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Norm table

Dimensions toleranceEN ISO 10545-2± 0,50% MAX± 0,03%
Thickness toleranceEN ISO 10545-2± 0,50% MAX± 2,5% (2cm thickness: ± 0,5 mm)
Surface qualityEN ISO 10545-295% MIN100%
Water absorptionEN ISO 10545-3≤ 0,5%± 0,01%
Breaking strengthEN ISO 10545-2≥ 1300 N (thickness >7,5mm)± 10082 N
Frost resistanceEN ISO 10545-12No damage (100 cycli)COMPLYING
Slip resistanceDIN 51130R11
Stain resistanceEN ISO 10545-14Class 2 or higherClass 4 Easy to clean