With ‘PPG Spotlight’ we highlight every month a unique product or a special range. These are products which we strongly believe in and which make a real difference for you as a professional swimming pool builder. In the spotlight this month: PPG Technics & Liners!

PPG Technics

Technical advice
remotely or on-site

Unique Service
after-sales service

in technical workshop

PPG academy
sharing knowledge and tips

PPG Belgium focuses more than ever on service and technical support with PPG Technics. Our specialised technical department is at your service online, by phone and on site.

Need advice?
Get in touch at technics@polletpoolgroup.com
or +32(0)56 78 20 56.

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Renolit Liners

Renolit Alkorplan liners are 100% waterproof and unique. Ideal for new pool installations but equally suitable for renovations!

Alkorplan Touch

  • At 2 mm thick, this is the strongest and most durable liner available on the market today.
  • First reinforced membrane with stone pattern.

Alkorplan 3000

  • With special lacquer coating that protects against scratches, stains, bacteria, UV radiation and premature ageing.

Alkorplan Extreme

  • Protects your pool from almost everything.
  • 5-year guarantee on colour and stain resistance
  • 15-year watertightness guarantee

More information about PPG Technics or Renolit liners? Do not hesitate to contact us.