EVA Optic SubAqua & EVA Stream

EVA is probably familiar to you as an innovative player in the swimming pool world. Like PPG Belgium, they attach great importance to quality, both in terms of products and service. This interface lies at the basis of our long-standing partnership. With their indestructible underwater lamps EVA Optic SubAqua and the powerful countercurrent swimming machine EVA Stream, this renowned manufacturer offers swimming pool owners a fantastic swimming experience.

EVA Optic SubAqua

Underwater lighting takes your pool to the next level and also adds cachet to the surrounding garden and patio. With just the push of a button, the LED underwater lighting can be adjusted to the desired color.

EVA Optic SubAqua XS
No pool is too small to shine.
With the new range of EVA Optic SubAqua XS, light up the smallest pools, walk-in steps and whirlpools.

EVA Stream

EVA Stream transforms any pool into a professional training pool, home fitness and unique water attraction. It is a revolutionary counterflow machine that lets you transform even 4.5 x 3 meter pools into a full-fledged workout facility.

Thanks to its advanced technology, the EVA Stream is super powerful, stable and energy efficient. The effective swimming zone is a lot larger compared to other devices. With EVA Stream, your client swims like in a public pool, but in privacy in his own pool.

EVA Stream is available in 3 models. Depending on your intended use, choose the most appropriate machine:

  • FIT: for recreational swimmers
  • PRO: for experienced swimmers
  • MAX: for elite athletes

EVA Stream Move

Meet the brand new EVA Stream Move. This swimming machine offers all the advantages of the EVA Stream, but wireless, plug & play and applicable in any pool.

EVA Stream Move runs on a battery, so it can be used anywhere and anytime. The turbine draws its energy from the battery, allowing it to run at full speed for at least an hour. Charging is easy via a 230V outlet. Want to know more? View the brochure here or contact your PPG Area Manager.