With the ‘PPG Spotlight’ we highlight a unique product or a special range. These are products in which we believe very strongly and which make a substantial difference for you as a professional swimming pool builder. In the spotlight this edition:

Warrior X

This latest wireless pool cleaner offers optimal maneuverability and performs at its most effective, up to 8 hours per charge. With its impressive endurance, Warrior X keeps the pool clean for an average of 2 weeks on just one charge. A welcome device that makes pool maintenance child’s play!

The cordless revolution that takes pool cleaning to the next level!

A quality pool cleaner is not a luxury and even crucial for proper pool maintenance. With Warrior X you have the Rolls-Royce among pool robots and can guarantee your customer a carefree swimming season.

We list all the benefits for you:

  • Cordless for optimum maneuverability
  • Effective operation for up to 8 hours per charge
  • Energy efficient thanks to full-inverter technology
  • Can be controlled remotely
  • Guaranteed constant cleaning capacity under all conditions
  • Intelligent 3D S Path for the most efficient cleaning path

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