In PPG Spotlight we highlight a unique product or a special range every month. These are products we believe in very strongly, and that make a significant difference for you as a professional pool builder. In the spotlight this month: Winterise your pool!

Ready for the winter

The days are getting shorter and temperatures are dropping. It is time to get the pool ready for winter. With the tips and products below, you can keep a pool in good condition and guarantee a smooth start to the next swimming season.

There are two ways to winterise. Either you lower the water in the pool below the injectors (= passive wintering) or you leave the water level at the same level, keep the water moving and treat it (= active wintering). The choice is yours!

Want to know more about active and passive wintering? Watch our video on active wintering below and read our brochure PPG Spotlight: Winterise your pool.

Our products

B-Care Winter

Protects against algae growth and prevents limescale. Also available as Private label.

Puripool Super

For stable chlorine levels, prevents limescale deposits and counteracts algae growth

B-Care Waterline Degreaser

Concentrated alkanic cleaner for pool edges. Also available as Private label.

Alkorclean Waterline Degreaser

Concentrated alcanic cleaner for pool edging