Aquadeck news March 2024

Hereby we would like to inform you about the latest developments within our top range of covers: Aquadeck. From new prices to significant product improvements and brand new slats.


With the launch of our new catalog on 01-02-2024, Aquadeck’s new prices have also taken effect. Due to a new article design, a number of other things have also changed. For example, the m² price for slats has disappeared and from now on the price is calculated per width size and then per running meter (m¹).

The catalog also introduces new slats and product changes. We are happy to list them for you.


New colors

PC Cobalt Solar

We are proud to present the new Aquadeck
PC Cobalt Solar lamella. A beautiful polycarbonate slat with solar effect. This lamella has a deep blue chic glow and looks very natural.

PC Emerald Solar*

Soon to be launched is the new polycarbonate cover Emerald. A beautiful solar slat. With its green shine, it fits perfectly in any garden.

PC Gold Solar*

Last but not least, this year we will also release the new slat PC Gold Solar. This solar polycarbonate slat “with a touch of gold” is the icing on the cake for your pool project and looks very chic.

*PC Emerald Solar and PC Gold Solar are both “limited edition. These colors are therefore only available on request. Please allow 8 to 10 weeks for delivery.

Change color caps

Our most important partner? That’s you, the pool builder. Every day you get to work with our products. We value our good cooperation and based on your feedback we have made the following changes:

PC Solar now comes with a “black cap” and black sealant. The black caps and sealant make the slat a lot more restful and chic.

PC Graphite Solar will henceforth be equipped with a “smoke cap” and transparent sealant. This cap matches the lamella very nicely, making the overall look much more stylish.

The remaining PC slats retain their transparent caps and the PVC slats continue to have their white and gray caps.

Shark fins: customization color and design

To better direct the first slat along skimmer flanges, for example, many customers use our specially designed “shark fins.” These were made stronger and more beautiful to match the new colors of caps.

We also modified the molds and can now injection mold them in one piece. This is stronger and more beautiful because we no longer have to use a bolt. The transparent shark fins will still be delivered with a screw until the end of stock.

Aqua DCB Digital Control Box

This control box is designed to make installation and programming easier for the pool builder. Thanks to the DCB’s Bluetooth module, you can use a smartphone to add the box in the Aquadeck PoolCover app and set up the cover.

The direction of rotation of the motor can also be changed, speeds can be adjusted and the cabinet can be used with all other brands of tubular motors. We note here that the cabinet and app are not designed for consumer use. We always put safety first and therefore recommend that the end user should operate the cover at all times when standing by the pool using the remote control, key switch or the new LED Control Panel.

Surface mounted LED Control Panel

As an addition to the new DCB control box, an LED control panel is also coming in a few months. This is a touch screen that can be used to open and close the cover.

To operate the cover, a code must first be entered so that the consumer can prevent the cover from being operated unwanted, for example by children.Through the control panel, any error codes from the DCB can also be easily read. Our advice is therefore to initially opt for the DCB control box if you know that your customer wishes to be able to operate the cover with a touchscreen. The touchscreen can be added later and connected with a wire to the DCB control box.


The Aquadeck OrderTool is in full development. The prices for 2024 are already active in the platform, as are the new slat PC Cobalt Solar, the slats with new caps and the new control box. The small additional prices for the shark fins, cutouts and bevels of the slats could not yet be programmed. For the correct rates, please refer to the PPG catalog.


Did you know that PPG Belgium has a lot of interesting brochures in stock? Among others, we have the luxurious brochure of Aquadeck in which the brand and the range are introduced and a second brochure in which all the novelties for 2024 are listed. These are useful tools to introduce Aquadeck to your end customer. Do not hesitate to contact us and order brochures.