Return Repairs Terms And Conditions

Dear customer,

You are about to register a repair.

  • Please remember to provide a clear description of the identified problem in your file.
     This helps our technicians to draw up a correct repair diagnosis.
  • Upon receipt of your request, we will check whether your product falls within the warranty conditions.
    If so, the repair (or replacement of the device) will of course be carried out immediately and free of charge.
  • If it is not a warranty case, your file will be checked to see whether the repair is justified in terms of technical complexity
    and in comparison with the value of your product.
    If the costs would be too high, we will let you know immediately, without additional costs.
  • If the repair is justified and the estimated repair cost is less than EUR 250,
    we will start the repair without a prior offer or request for agreement.
  • If the estimated repair cost exceeds EUR 250,
    we will send you a quote by e-mail for approval before starting the work.
  • If PPG arranges transport for the delivery of a defective appliance, a transport cost of 15€ will be charged.
    Of course, you can also organise the transport yourself.
    You can indicate this on the following application form.
  • If the repair is under guarantee, no transport costs will be charged.
     Transport will be organised free of charge.
  • If you return a wireless robot for repair, we ask that you ensure the battery is charged. This will help speed up the repair process. Please also include the charger.