PPG Save energy tip: Filtration

The energy crisis has caused a real change in behaviour: every family is looking purposefully for products that consume less energy. At PPG Belgium, we have been betting on eco-friendly swimming pool components for some time, but in recent months interest has increased significantly. Grab your chance as a pool builder to help the end customer save money. We like to give the lead!

With the PPG Save Energy tips, we offer advice and show products that can indeed make a big difference on energy bills.

Tip 1: The importance of good filtration!

For good filtration, we zoom in on 5 components: filter speed, turnover and backwash, variable-speed pumps, filter media and flow rate.

1. Filter speed

The slower the water passes through the filter, the more dirt is stopped. So make sure the diameter of the filter is suitable for the size of the pool. Slow filtering means less stress and less need for chemicals. You reduce filter speed by increasing the diameter of the filter at the same flow rate. The PPG Filter of the

PPG Filter Deluxe has the added advantage that the upper distributor spreads the water nicely over the entire filter surface. In the PPG Filter Deluxe, the lower manifold is equipped with herringbone design, so it can drain water for the entire surface and no preferential channels are created in the filter mass.

2. Turnover and backwash

Sufficient flow rate is necessary for proper mixing of products and pool heating. The ideal rotation time for a pool is 4 to 6 hours at most. Make sure the filter is flushed regularly, otherwise it may interfere with the flow.

If you rinse weekly, you can limit the backwash to 3 minutes. A good flow rate ensures stable water quality and temperature and so you reduce the consumption of chemicals as well as electricity.

3. Variable-speed pump (US)

The PPG Pomp Deluxe is a highly efficient pump with permanent magnet motor and a maximum consumption of 1.1kW (delivered power). The big advantage of this VS pump is that you can give different flow rates with the same pump. It has 3 modes: eco, normal and rinse-speed. The consumption of VS pumps is significantly lower than conventional on/off pumps:

it saves 50% on average. Because of this low consumption, you can run the filtration 24h/day at an even lower flow rate. Thus, your water is continuously treated to keep the quality stable and you still consume less compared to a traditional pump. The PPG Pump Deluxe is also compatible with most operating systems and very easy to set up.

4. Filtermedia

Sand used to be the standard filter medium, a surface filter medium. The large surface area has the disadvantage of being an ideal adhesion site for bacteria that, combined with moisture and lots of food (=dirt), quickly develop colonies. A better alternative is coloured glass, such as AFM NG. Its chemical properties create a thin layer around the grain that prevents bacteria from adhering to the surface. In addition, AFM NG has an additional chemical

and thermal treatment which, on the one hand, increases the surface area of a pellet +10 times (= larger filter area) and, on the other hand, greatly increases the filter fineness (=+- 30µm to 4µm at a filter speed of 20m/h). AFM NG thus provides finer filtration and a very low biomass in the filter itself that ensures the filter rinses more efficiently and quickly with less water and electrical consumption. In turn, the low fouling and minimal bacteriological load results in low consumption in chemicals.

5. Flow rate

We cannot stress enough the importance of knowing your flow rate: measuring is knowing. The FlowVis flow meter is a very useful tool for this purpose. You can install it in different places to know all the flows in the system.

The flow rate after the pump is the most important, so you know the flow rate through filter, at backwash and the flow rate running through the heat pump to get optimum efficiency from the heat pump.

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